#055: “Run towards the hardest part first” with Jeremy King

Where do I begin? MIT and Harvard Business School Alumni… Member of Founders Pledge… Chair of REAch2… or last (but certainly not least) CEO and Founder of Attest! Whichever angle you come from, it’s hard not to be impressed by Jeremy King’s story to date, and even more so by his longer term plans!


I had the pleasure of chatting Jeremy about how he’s built Attest, a platform enabling companies to engage directly with 100+ million consumers worldwide.


Jeremy and the team have raised a hugh $20million to date, with solid plans and forecasts to invest that wisely to secure further growth and funding!


We also talk about the “giving back” element of Jeremy’s story, and how that same culture is fed into Attest’s day-to-day practices.


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In this episode we discuss:

  • MVP’s and customer feedback
  • Tackling the hardest part of your plans first
  • Hiring well (and then leaving them to it!)
  • Preparing early on for longer term scaling plans
  • Fundraising and selecting the right partners
  • And as always, plenty more…