#056: “A leap into the unknown” with James McAulay

“A leap into the unknown” with James McAulay

James McAulay is the Co-founder of Encore: an online marketplace helping events planners find their perfect musical accompaniment. Encore were founded in 2014, and now work with over 25,000 musicians and groups. The platform has provided musical accompaniment to over 6,000 events since 2015 including The X-Factor and a launch party for Game of Thrones. What’s more it’s paid out over £3m to the musicians in its orbit.

In the episode we talk plenty about the accelerator that James and his co-founder went through. We also touch on James’ personal background and how he’s found that surrounding himself by the best talent has allowed him to reach his own potential. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Accelerators and incubators
  • Surrounding yourself with the best talent
  • How to improve as a manager/leader and get feedback from your team
  • Organic customer growth
  • Ads vs SEO
  • And as always, plenty more…