#057: “The real risk is waking up when you’re 60… with Sam Browne

The first thing you notice about Sam Browne is his energy. I like to think I’m quite a big character but I felt like a tornado had entered the room when Sam stepped in! Once I’d managed to calm (just about) the positivity storm, we sat down and had a good gnatter for an hour or so.

Sam is Co-founder of Let’s Do This, a company on a mission to help more people discover epic experiences than any other community on the planet, whether that be a 5k fun run or a double Ironman triathlon.

They’re also one of the very few to be selected from tens of thousands to be part of the Y-combinator cohort, a huge achievement in itself. They’ve raised in excess of $6million, including a chunk from a certain Serena Williams and Usain Bolt!

We focus a lot on the team Sam and his Co-founders have built and how they start right from the point of recruitment to make sure they have a team of absolute winners. And this is not just in the work sense, their team includes Team GB gold medallists and European champions.

I really enjoyed recording this one and hope you enjoy listening 🙂