#058: “You need a period of education in order to get adoption” with Jan Amstutz

In this episode I had the pleasure of chatting with Jan Amstutz, Founder and CEO of Halo.me. 

Jan has had a life full of extremes so far, starting life with no TV and a hippy upbringing, through to earning crazy money as a commodities trader, and then on to running his own Augmented Reality startup in London… and plenty in between.

We managed to chat about what it’s like to approach such a vast market, and build a business where the demand may not yet exist. We also talk about finding your own happiness and purpose, which Jan understood only too well after some pretty tough life events!

Finally, we chat about Jan’s experience as a consultant to a VC, and why you should avoid VC money if you can!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Creating and finding demand
  • VC funding
  • Focusing on your own priorities
  • Making a different
  • And as always, plenty more…