#36: “You need to look bigger than you are” – Sara Trechman


Want a snack? 😉

Sara and the team at Well and Truly have very kindly given us some of their goodies to pass away to our listeners! Simply share this episode on social (FB, IG, Twitter) and tag the Startup Secrets page (links on website) and we’ll pick some lucky winners 😀

In this episode we speak with the brilliant Sara Trechman – not only because of the unbelievable business she’s built, but also because she’d had her newborn baby just 6 days before this recording and still joined us!!

Sara and her co-founder have managed to build a widely recognised product and business with Well and Truly: they’ve raised chunks of money, have exported overseas, are stocked in Tescos and Sainsburys, and rocked an electric tuk tuk around the streets of London (why not)!

If you’re in the product and/or FMCG sector then give this a listen!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Focus groups and testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Selling to the big boys
  • Internationalisation and exporting
  • And as always, plenty more…