#5: “An idea is only worth anything when it’s put into action” with Seb Francis

So this episode is a little different 🙂 A while back I was contacted by Lisimba Pink who hosts his very own podcast. I was super excited to hear that he wanted to feature me, and chat about what I’ve achieved with Titus, and my own entrepreneurial journey to date. I really enjoyed chatting with Lisimba, and felt there were some useful pointers in my own story to share with everyone. I’ve kindly ‘borrowed’ Lisimba’s show notes and details below for you to refer to. Hope you enjoy!

In the episode we discuss:

  • An introduction to Seb Francis

  • Seb’s motivations for becoming an entrepreneur

  • We hear a story about one of Seb’s first money making ventures

  • Seb explains if you need to reinvent the wheel in creating a new business?

  • What is a lifestyle business?

  • We find out if sacrifices helped get Seb to where he is today

  • Seb shares how his company grew internationally

  • We learn how to deal with the cultural challenges of doing business abroad

  • We find out how Titus Learning is doing in business

  • We find out how technology is affecting the education industry

  • What to do if you want to create software for your business

  • What to do if you don’t have money to develop your idea, and your scared of someone stealing your idea

  • Seb shares where he gets his inspiration from

  • What Seb learnt from Sir Richard Branson

  • We find out more about Seb’s up and coming podcast, Startup Secrets

  • Seb shares a story about one of his failures in business

  • We learn what Seb wishes he knew before he started in business

  • Good places to network

  • We find out what is working in promoting Titus Learning

Links and resources mentioned:


  • Make a list of problems or things that bug / pester you everyday

  • Review your notes to see if there is anything in your list, that could be applied to a wider audience

  • Use this to find a real market pain point, not just an irritation, and a solution thereafter