#6: “I’m an absolute hustler” with Aldo De Pape

Aldo De Pape is the Founder and CEO of TeachPitch, a technology that helps teachers identify the best online teaching resources.
After founding in 2014, TeachPitch is already been utilised in over 125 countries (yes, 125!!) and they’ve received investment from China as well as the UK. Last year they completed a £300,000 investment round via Crowdcube, and they have just launched their latest round on Crowdcube which you can view via the link below.
Aldo and I have had many a discussion about ‘blagging it’, and doing what needs to be done in order to get the company out there. He starts off in great form by saying “I’m an absolute hustler” which is so true!
In this podcast we talk about:
  • Hustling and making the business your life
  • Validating your idea
  • How to increase your PR and publicity
  • Key lessons to increase your chances of success as a first time founder
  • Working within an area you’re familiar with
  • Founder envy
  • Managing and building remote teams
  • The importance of getting to know your team
  • Crowdfunding and raising finance
  • When (or when not) to pivot
  • The importance of location when starting up
  • And much more…
Want to find out more about Aldo and Teachpitch? Check out the details below:
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