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Money is the fuel for the rocket that is your business; without it, your business simply can’t take off. However, while you could raise funds for your business independently, our advisors can help you to unlock new funding opportunities that might otherwise seem too far-between.

Get ready for takeoff

Securing funding can prove challenging for start-ups, but we’re here to ease the process. For businesses located right across the UK, our Leeds-based firm can hold one-on-one consultancies to implement investment strategies and so spark the commercial growth that our clients seek.

Courting financial support from investors can prove particularly tricky for a scarcely-tested business, but we have built up solid relationships with venture capitals, investment angels and high-net-worth individuals interested in helping start-ups to get off the ground.

How your business can soar

Naturally, investors will want a return for their spending. Fortunately, though, our financial gurus can get in touch with your company’s investors to discuss the benefits of tax-efficient funding schemes such as SEIS, if you run a start-up, and EIS, if your business is over two years old.

Once you have built a financially strong foundation, your thoughts can turn to sustaining your organisation’s growth. For entrepreneurs at this stage, we can help to unlock access to various commercial finance solutions.

Focusing on your company’s financial goals and projections, we can identify the solutions especially suitable to your needs. Whether the right step forward is peer-to-peer lending, invoice financing or a conventional business loan, we can hold your hand throughout it all.

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