Receipt BankAward-Winning Cloud Bookkeeping Platform

Receipt Bank-automated bookkeeping.

Automated bookkeeping for small and medium sized businesses

Receipt bank helps small and medium sized businesses extract information from invoices and receipts Quickly, Accurately and Efficiently.

The Old Way

  • Huge stacks of invoices and receipts build up over many months.
  • Spend hours and hours manually typing out the expenses.
  • Waste valuable time on repetition and mistakes from human error.

With Receipt Bank

  • Take minutes sending photos or emailing your receipts to Receipt Bank.
  • All information is automatically extracted and saved safely to the cloud.
  • Publish the information at a click of a button directly to QuickBooks or Xero.

All Accounts Lab clients get Receipt Bank as part of their fixed monthly fee. This alone is a saving of over £50 a month!

Submit receipts on the go

Receipt Bank provide Android and iPhone apps enabling you to send receipts and invoices whilst on the go!

Publish to Xero & QuickBooks

Automatically publish receipts and invoices from Receipt Bank direct to Xero & QuickBooks in a simple click of a button.

Reasons to use Receipt Bank

No one wants to spend hours manually inputting receipts and invoices into excel or their Xero/QuickBooks software. Receipt Bank is the easiest way to automate this process.

It goes without saying that by reducing the time spent on bookkeeping, you reduce your costs. Whether you take care of your own bookkeeping or we undertake this task for you, Receipt Bank will help keep costs down.

Humans by their very nature make mistakes -it cannot be helped. Using the latest data capture and processing technology created by Receipt Bank ensures accuracy and helps avoid those annoying transposition errors.

Our service

All clients get access to Receipt Bank free of charge to automate bookkeeping. For client’s that want us to provide a cloud bookkeeping service, we will use Receipt Bank to provide this service remotely. Our bookkeeping costs are £25 per hour, but by using Receipt Bank we aim to complete this task as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.

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  • Per Hour

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