City Football Group – Startup Challenge

City Football Group (CFG) have launched a new opportunity for startups from across the globe to get involved and help revolutionise the matchday experience. CFG, established in 2013, own and operate Manchester City Football Club, New York City FC and Melbourne City FC. Headquartered in Manchester, CFG have collaborated with Sapphire Ventures and the UK Government’s Department for International Trade to provide this unique opportunity for startups to expedite their growth.

The City Startup Challenge invites startups in the stage of seed capital, round A and/or B financing with established clients, to address one of five challenges faced by the club.

  1. My Stadium– How can we provide each fan with an individual experience?
  2. Sustainable Stadium– How might we reduce waste, improve energy efficiencies and reduce our carbon footprint?
  3. Vibrant Stadium– How might we leverage home advantage and engage the crowd even more in the action?
  4. Easy Stadium- Can we make matchday quicker and easier by removing queues and improving access to services?
  5. Global Stadium– How can we help our supporters feel part of a family that isn’t constrained by location or time?

Those companies shortlisted will be invited to a week of accelerated project planning in Manchester in June, working alongside key City Football Group executives. During this week, companies will be expected to come up with a pilot plan and define an MVP (minimum viable product) ready to be tested over a maximum period of six months. Budgets, success criteria and a detailed timeline of the project will also need to be defined. In case the pilot is successful, companies will be expected to enter a pre-agreement on further collaboration with CFG.

At the end of the week, the pilots will be presented in front of a panel made up of senior executives from the City Football Group as well as other industry experts. The winning companies will receive funding to test their MVP at one or more of CFG’s clubs with the potential to be introduced to the Sapphire Sport Fund.

Whatever sector you are in, if you believe your startup could provide an innovative solution to one or more of the above challenges, get involved and apply before midnight on 31st March 2019.

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