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EMI Share Schemes
The beating heart of your business is the people in it. The Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme (EMI), is a low-risk tax advantaged share option scheme to reward employees. Say ‘thank you’ to your colleagues for investing their time and expertise in helping you grow your business.

What We Deliver

A Scheme Framework

Your dedicated advisor will discuss with you the requirements that need to be met to qualify for an EMI scheme. They will also outline the numerous advantages of an approved employee share scheme.

HMRC Valuation

A fundamental part of an EMI scheme is agreeing a share valuation with HMRC. We have vast amounts of experience in business valuations, helping us secure approval of your share option plan quickly paving a path to easy implementation.

Share Options Guidance

We help you decide which employees will be granted options, the price paid for the shares, and the performance criteria for vesting.

Red Tape

The process of drafting the required plan rules and legal contracts and is an arduous task. These are prepared with an eye for accuracy. All legal documents are drafted as part of the process negating the need for a solicitor.

Employee Peace of Mind

If a potential or existing employee is unsure about the EMI scheme, we can connect with them and maintain ongoing support, giving them the confidence to move forward with their investment in your business.

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EMI Scheme

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