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R&D Tax Credits
Has your business designed a new product, developed new software or improved a system’s efficiency? Does the project you’re working on have a technological uncertainty? Then Research & Development tax credits can be the catalyst to fund your company’s growth. We can make the claims process low risk and hassle-free, delivering exceptional results.

What We Deliver

Fresh Insight

Ignore anyone who tells you claiming R&D tax credits is too complex, time-consuming and not for your type of business. 90% of business owners do and fail to make a claim. Listen to us when we tell you claiming is attainable.

Reduce Your Corporation Tax

 Tax relief on allowable R&D costs is 230%. This means that for every £100 of qualifying costs, your company could reduce its corporation tax bill by an additional £130 on top of the £100 spent.

Repayable Tax Credit

Is your business in the startup phase and loss making? Then rather than increase losses, a R&D repayable tax credit of 14.5% can be claimed. If you spent £50,000 on qualifying R&D then you could be owed £16,675!

R&D Report & Calculation

We prepare a tried and tested R&D report that can stand up to scrutiny by HMRC. A solid metric is used to give you a precise figure on how much can be claimed.

A Successful Claim

With a 100% success rate, we know how to help you strike gold. Did you also know you can claim for the past two tax years?

Advice For The Future

R&D is officially in place for the next 20 years. That’s potential for you to continually claim every year, giving you an outstanding opportunity to increase cashflow and minimise corporation tax.

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